When I picked up the book Intentional Parenting, it was for a two fold purpose.   To learn, and to be affirmed.   As I read and absorbed and pondered, I did learn, and I was affirmed.   Parenting isn’t just about the children, but about the parents too.  Three writers coming together, bringing with them their honesty, their invaluable experience as counselors, social workers and executive directors, and leaving the reader with 12 powerful attributes that go hand in hand with what it means to be intentional as parents and yes, as individuals.   Have you ever stopped to consider what parenting would do to you, in you and through you?
Homes and families don’t just happen!  We must be INTENTIONAL!   To continue learning through all the stages of parenting, and even finding affirmation in the stages you’ve already walked through,  pick up your copy today…..and then pass it on to a friend (parent).  

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