When I picked up the book Intentional Parenting, it was for a two fold purpose.   To learn, and to be affirmed.   As I read and absorbed and pondered, I did learn, and I was affirmed.   Parenting isn’t just about the children, but about the parents too.  Three writers coming together, bringing with them their honesty, their invaluable experience as counselors, social workers and executive directors, and leaving the reader with 12 powerful attributes that go hand in hand with what it means to be intentional as parents and yes, as individuals.   Have you ever stopped to consider what parenting would do to you, in you and through you?
Homes and families don’t just happen!  We must be INTENTIONAL!   To continue learning through all the stages of parenting, and even finding affirmation in the stages you’ve already walked through,  pick up your copy today…..and then pass it on to a friend (parent).  


The writings of Max Lucado, in his book, NEXT DOOR SAVIOR: Near Enough to Touch, Strong Enough to Trust,  are a combination of anecdotes and  true stories, both personal and scriptural, that bring to us “real life” and “relevant”  reminders of God’s amazing nearness.   Chapter by chapter you will receive exhortation and blessing.  There is NO person He won’t touch.  There is NO place He won’t go.

If you long to grasp, even a little, and on a personal level, what it means when Paul writes,  “He who is at the right hand of God, also intercedes for us” (Romans 8:34), this book is for you.

The conclusion leaves a powerful summary (and one of my favorite lines), “Yes, he is in heaven.  Yes, he rules the universe.   But, yes, he has walked your streets.   He’s still the next door Savior”.   Go ahead, read it, touch him, trust him.


To comply with new Federal Trade Commission regulations, please note that this book was provided compliments of Booksneeze in exchange for an unbiased review. 

The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant

Set in Rome during the Renaissance, The Legend of the Monk and the Merchant is a compelling story of two friends.  Bonded together through their very different lives, their very different callings, and each leaving a very powerful legacy.   Not only is the reader left with a great and inspiring story, but also strong spiritual foundations and twelve keys to successful living.  
Whatever your mission in life, be it the ministry or the marketplace, this book will no doubt open your eyes and change the way you see opportunities of service and leadership all around you.    Also included in this book is a twelve week study guide suitable for individuals and small groups.  


Apocolyptic Tremors –A BOOK REVIEW

My hunger to better understand the book of Revelation, the end times and current events all wrapped up in one, led me to this book, Apocalyptic Tremors by C R Chapman.   
The writer certainly left me with an appreciation for her willingness to take a hard look at scripture and the desire to “get it right”.   But, her style and format proved difficult at best, and I found myself struggling to maintain interest.    For me it wasn’t about agreeing or disagreeing with everything she wrote, rather, it was about an increased understanding, which I personally was not able to take away.  I would consider Apocalyptic Tremors a good study or commentary resource, but if you are looking for a cover to cover read, probably not.   

Going Deep—-Always Starts With A Hunger

Gordon McDonald’s Book, Going Deep was written in a rather slow moving, unique and fictional style.  Although his concepts and ideas of cultivating spiritual maturity and exhibiting a life-altering faith leave the reader extremely inspired, he doesn’t leave the reader with tangible how-to’s, that work in the real live “nitty-gritty” world.   One thing that was evident in the fictional CDP (cultivating deep people) initiative in the book, was, to go deep you have got to be hungry!   To go deep you have got to be committed!  It is one thing to take a fictional group of characters and portray hunger and commitment in order to achieve an end result/desire of Going Deep.   It is something that proves much more difficult when dealing with true humanity in the 21st century.   Until a second edition comes out that is “real life” tried and true, (I think we call it revival) , I will remain inspired  to get more hungry….to get more committed….then and only then….are we GOING DEEP!
To comply with new Federal Trade Commission regulations, please note that this book was provided compliments of Booksneeze in exchange for an unbiased review.  

More Lost Than Found—Book Review

For anyone who has ever struggled with fitting into “church” or had questions about God, this book will reengage you in the truth you long to hear.   As the writer helps us to understand how and why we have arrived to where, what and who we are today, he also shows us  how we can give our faith another chance….with simplicity and validity.
The conversations and chapters in this book will steer us back to real truths, and what it means to be ALIVE.  The truth that Salvation did not come merely so we could sign a petition of beliefs, but that we could have a genuine, intimate relationship with God.  Not only is More Lost Than Found a great read, it is a tool that will engage you and help you find your rightful place in the greatest story ever told.

Book Review — Captured By Grace

Do you ever find yourself wondering how or where or even why GRACE fits into the everyday grind of humanity?  This book is for you.  Author David Jeremiah so simply and beautifully leaves the reader with a very clear, very biblical view of the plan of grace, the power of grace, the provision of grace, the promise of grace and yes, even the 7 wonders of grace.  He leaves no stone unturned considering grace for the past the present and the future.  And finally, he parallels the stories of two incredible lives….John Newton, an 18th century slave trader with the Apostle Paul and his Damascus Road experience.  Maybe you’ll never write the worlds most beloved hymn, and maybe you’ll never be an apostle, but, because no one is beyond the reach of a loving God, you too, can be CAPTURED BY GRACE.


When the darkness closes in, where can we find the strength and courage to hold on? When the pain is unbearable, how does one even begin to wake up and reach beyond?


hen INJUSTICE, REJECTION, LONELINESS, LOSS, DISCIPLINE, FAILURE and/or DEATH ensue, is there really a way to gain understanding or more importantly to grow as we uncover the hidden potential and/or purposes? Dr. Paul Meier and Dr. David Henderson address these 7 universal struggles in their book, FINDING PURPOSE BEYOND OUR PAIN.

Through real life stories, biblical truths and practical application, let this book be the beginning of the journey that moves you beyond your pains to victory, restoration and wholeness. It surely will equip you to allow your fears and failures to give way to the light of God’s purposes so that you can once again walk in comfort, peace and yes, “a joyful knowing”—-even in spite of the pain.



Preparations are underway for another heart warming Christmas Eve Service as well as everything that goes along with our “usual” Christmas morning. The luminaries line the streets and as dusk draws nigh, I reflect on “expectations of Christmas”.

I make my way through the huge wooden doors to the church. Candlelight and carols fill the air, and…. so does the knot in my throat.
This is our first Christmas Eve without Sarah and the “normalcy” of expectations and traditions feel challenged, changed, and taken away. Although I may not always like it, after 40 years I have finally learned (and in some ways am still learning) to “stand still and see His Glory”.
As you read the remainder of this Christmas Day blog and “Expectant Christmas Reflections” I hope you will be inspired to do the same.

For a weary, stranded traveler who exchanges a warm and festive meal around the table with loved ones, for bad weather, cancelled flights and the uncertainty of what tomorrow will hold…….hope was still born and the glory of the Lord revealed.
For the young mother who struggles to comfort the fevered brow of her child, instead of decorating, caroling and baking…….hope was still born and the glory of the Lord revealed.
Unfortunate circumstances give way to broken homes and broken hearts. Any hopes of happy and joyful Christmas times will have to be put off until next year or the next….but even in that, hope is still born and the glory of the Lord revealed.
The missionary family who embraces the “unplanned”, because there is no other choice (or electricity), exchanges fresh made enchiladas and swimming, for a rainy day and dinner out…hope is still born and the glory of the Lord revealed.
Mary and Joseph resort to a Bethlehem stable because there is no room at the inn…. HOPE IS BORN AND THE GLORY OF THE LORD IS REVEALED!!

Between you and me, there are a thousand and one more “real life” scenarios we could add to this list. But let me ask you, what did Christmas look like this year compared to what you expected it to look like? Maybe everything went perfectly and as planned, but maybe, just maybe it didn’t.
We have 17 more days before we see Sarah face to face. And, although we wait with great expectation, our hearts are learning to take great comfort in the unexpected, in the different, and in the HAND-PICKED, HAND-DESIGNED expectations of the Father (Just like that very first Christmas Night)!
Then and only then, is hope born and HIS glory revealed.


Book Review Blog

The Hole In Our Gospel, by Richard Stearns is a book unparalleled to any other in calling us to a deeper place of commitment & understanding of the Great Commission. One can talk about being fishers of men, one can get excited about making a difference and impacting the lives of fellow human beings, but until one TRULY understands the magnitude of need, and what making a difference REALLY looks like through the magnifying glass of the “whole gospel” we are hard pressed to get it right.
This book is a powerhouse of facts, real life examples lived out, and scripture, all woven together to create a masterpiece that brings the reader face to face with the Whole Gospel. Beware, it is radical and convicting! (In a great way).

If you are: compelled to greatness or desire accurate information, if you are moved with compassion and desire to be Christs hands extended, if you are affluent and self sufficient, if you are lukewarm and lack for not much of anything, if you sit in church week after week and don’t really know why, or even if you love the Lord with all your heart mind and soul, this book is for you and a must read!
Whatever our views are, wherever our priorities lie, reading this book is sure to bring us one step closer (if not a hundred steps closer) to lining up with the “whole gospel”.

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