As taken from Rick’s sermon today…..THE POWER OF MOM
Moses’ mother Jochebed had the power of TRUST.
Samuel’s mother Hannah had the power of PRAYER.
Timothy’s mother Eunice had the power of INFLUENCE.
Jesus’ mother Mary had the power of SURRENDER.

What a gift, to witness so many beautiful and heartfelt expressions of gratitude and love to mothers from all walks of life today.

3 generations–my daughter, my mom and me

Thankful for my mom who has always embodied TRUST, PRAYER, INFLUENCE and SURRENDER, on her journey.   It’s because of her example that I can, with confidence walk with these same attributes on my own journey of motherhood.  
                                            My sister Angie, my mom and me. 
Thankful for ALL the amazing women and friends and moms that enrich my life.  (I wish I had enough room to put all of their pictures on here)
        Sarah, Me and Matt 
THE POWER OF MOM……………………………TRUST, PRAYER, INFLUENCE and SURRENDER  a legacy to me—-a legacy to them!  

Happy Mother’s Day

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