Love Like There Is No Tomorrow

Quote by Max Lucado

I remember like it was yesterday, our first Valentines Day together, tokens of love and endearment exchanged under a cold, midnight, moonlit sky. It marked the beginning of you and me… loving like there was no tomorrow. And as life would have it, the tomorrow’s would keep coming, and we would keep loving, again and again, and again.

29 years of Valentines Days and you’ve shown me that sometimes love looks romantic and elegant and lavish. But more often than not, it looks simplistic and practical and routine. 2 weeks into recovery from this dreadful shoulder surgery and the way you have put my needs before yours has shown me the deepest kind of love in the most practical of ways, by caring for me, prepare amazing meals, and most of all, exchanging the comfort of our bed for a makeshift one to be alongside me on the reclining sofa.

And above all else put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:14 ESV

Another February 14 is drawing to a close, but tomorrow is another day, Loving like there is no tomorrow and being bound together in perfect harmony.



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