Writing A Great Story- Our Story

As the morning sun peeks over the horizon, I pull a book from the shelf. It isn’t just any book.  It is a gift that I deeply treasure for the words inscribed on its pages.  

“I  hope that these stories of love, bring you laughter, joy, a warm feeling in your heart
and an attitude of thanks to God for ALL that he has given to us in each other.  
Let ours be a story that is greater than any contained on these pages”

       Your Husband, Rick 
       Dated: April 13, 1992
           (our first Wedding Anniversary)  

More years than I can believe, have slipped by us!  And since that day, I have learned that great stories aren’t just “written”.  They are walked out and felt deep in the soul. They are forged thru great responsibility and every decision point along the way.  After 27 years, there are a lot of chapters!  All of them making us who we are today.  I sit in the still of the morning with a sense of awe and wonder.  A sense of accomplishment and reward.  We’ve camped in some pretty green pastures along the way, but we’ve ascended some pretty rugged terrain too.  True love binds our hearts, and it binds our story!  How does one celebrate so many years of writing together, walking together, feeling together?    

It’s been fun to reminisce how we’ve marked each year.  
 Big or small, there has always been a special celebration. 
And, because there is still a lot of “story” to write, we keep walking, we keep feeling, 
and ALWAYS making time to do some of our favorite things…..

today, April 13, 2018, we push the pause on schedules and responsibilities
to seek out a corner coffee shop in a quaint little town
and we write yet another page in “our great story”,
Thanking God for ALL he has given to us

Happy Anniversary My Beloved! 
With Love, Both Now and Always,

(our 27th Wedding Anniversary) 

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