The hallways of time hold dear a treasure chest of memories.  Each treasure and every memory, tell a story.   The rows and rows of neatly stacked, brilliantly colored boxes are filled with unfailing love, laughter and the warmth and comfort of togetherness.  These boxes by far outnumber the other boxes, but to be heartfelt, is to examine ALL of the   treasures.  There are some slightly tarnished silver tools in one corner.  They represent the values and lessons of hard work.  The

empty space over to the side represents the discipline of doing without or making the most of what little we did have.  Scattered throughout various places in my treasure chest are some grey looking boxes, tattered and worn from tears and struggles that adversity and heartache rendered.  

           A cracked and delicate teapot wrapped in a lace doily signifies to me the never ending pouring out of wisdom thru gentle words, and sometimes necessarily harsh words.  At the center of it all lies the most cherished treasure of all….a small leather bible.  This is a constant reminder to grow in faith and worship and praise, and to always know where to find “guidance in” or “shelter from” the storm.  Your example, your love and your encouragement have remained steady through the good and the bad, through doors opening, and yes, even some doors closing. Thru the ever changing seasons in our lives, you have given to me as a daughter… a friend… a wife…..and as a MOTHER, more than I could ever have asked for!

You have sacrificed much to give me tangible treasures!  But, the ones that are most precious go to the depth of my being and make me who I am today.  These are by far…..more precious than rubies. 

My daughter Sarah, My mother Julia, and Me


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