A long day of travel and time adjustments on Saturday left us feeling rather exhausted despite all the exhiloration from this amazing week.  We opted to unpack, do laundry and get a good nights sleep before completing and sharing our final leg of the journey.

Earlier in our week we had tried to schedule a hiking tour to Exit Glacier when we discovered guided tours for the season were over.  Hiking it ourselves was an option, so that is what we planned to do until we got up Friday morning to an overcast, damp, rainy kind of day.  Not really having the proper weather proof gear needed for a hike of this nature,  a change in plans would prove providential in allowing us the ultimate prize!
Driving 4 hours back up to Talkeetna to get a majestic view of Mt Denali in all of her glory (it was sunny and clear up there). 
Our view of Denali, the never ending wilderness, breathtaking landscapes and glacier fields as well as our scenic hikes and walks through the mountains, and this great state of Alaska is what will stay with us forever.  

In the grand scheme of things, our time was short but we feel blessed beyond measure to have had this opportunity of a lifetime.  We made the most of every minute and would love to return someday to continue
 discovering the trails and rivers and glaciers that time didn’t permit us to explore this time around.  Although we did see quite a bit of wildlife, the good stuff requires more time for going much deeper into the National Parks and wilderness.

At the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center

As we made our way back to the airport we spent our final hours in the city of Anchorage.  That is where we discovered a bike trail that beckons us back.   Time didn’t permit us to bike it, but we did walk a piece of it and got a few  photos.

We shared one last meal together at The 49th State Brewing Company, overlooking this great city from rooftop seating….brrrr, the sun was shining but a chill was in the air.

In closing, our time shared with you wouldn’t be complete without at least one “crazy tourist” moment too.    

For so long we only talked about Alaska…..NOW, she will forever be in our hearts!   
Thanks for sharing this most amazing journey with us.
God Is So Incredibly Good. 

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