Seward, AK 
Yesterday we said farewell to Denali and our stay at Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge.  On our way out of town we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at a super warm and inviting cafe.   As we placed our order the owner of the shop asked us if we were from Pennsylvania.  (Uh I have to admit, I was a little freaked out by her accuracy), but  having been from Springfield, Deleware county herself, I guess she knows a Pennsylvanian when she hears one—-even in Alaska.   Her cafe proved to be one of my favorite food stops so far.   So warm, so inviting, and delicious too.     
Flying Squirrel Cafe (note the cool table) 

Onward towards Wasilla and Palmer, we would stop and spend the evening with dear friends Justin and Gina Jones (picture on FB this morning).  We were blessed by their wonderful Alaskan hospitality and pampered with a lavish meal of fresh salmon, moose burgers, and the finest wild Alaskan blueberry milkshakes ever made. 
Today, we were up with the sun and on our way south towards the seaside community of Seward.  Our 2 hour drive held spectacular views as we passed between the dramatic shorelines of Turnagain Arm and the jutting peaks of the Chugach Mountains.  

One of the overlooks on our hike. 

Hiking up Mt Marathon was rather gruelling and strenuous, but getting a birds eye view of the surpassing beauty in this place, coupled with being able to say we hiked this mountain (for all its history and story), makes for 2 really satisfied souls, and some really great “25 year celebration” memories.
Along the trail to the top of the mountain

                    The nearness of God has revived our hearts and refreshed our spirits.  There is still much to be experienced and shared with you in our remaining 2 days, but my final two blog posts will more than likely be completed and shared upon our return to the lower 48.  This has been more than a vacation,  more than a celebration… has been a once in a lifetime trip that has been exceedingly, abunduntly more than we could’ve ever imagined.                                   

When I think of all the sights we saw today in light of
1 Corinthians 2:9 that says, “no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those  who love him”,  I can’t help meditating on His Greatness…..His Sovereignty!

Scenic View on our way to Seward

Down by the Pier
Taking a much needed rest by the falls on our hike 

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