After 2 successful flights totaling 3815 air miles, through 4 time zones and a dazzling display of the Aurora , we safely arrived at our ” bucket list” destination.   Our first full day in ALASKA proved to be everything magnificent and majestic.

First Stop Up:  Lakefront Lodge- set on the shore of Lake Spenard next to Lake Hood with the majestic Chugach Mountains behind.  Here we enjoyed some much needed rest, a good breakfast of reindeer sausage omelette and some amazing black coffee.  One of our favorite things about this quaint spot was our neighbors’ driveways—- docks, and their cars—- float planes.  (yes we watched about 4 of them take off during the hour we sat for breakfast).  

Next it was off to the Alaska State Fair.    Being on the Top 5 Best State Fairs in America List, we sure didn’t want to be this close and not participate.   Though the growing season in the 49th state is short, the 18 hours of daily sunshine from June to August makes for some seriously monstrous fruits and vegetables.  (Rick will post his prize winning pumpkin picture at some point)
So many highlights,but our favorites were the Timberjack Show and Caribou steaks. We enjoyed lunch and rode the ferris wheel with some of the locals.  

Our favorite quote of the day:   “The Alaskan bearded man is my favorite species”, said by a woman at the 2016 Alaskan beard contest.  (Yes, you heard me right. Only in Alaska—-haha).  Hey for the record, there were some pretty amazing beards.  Althoug I’m a girl who prefers the clean shaven look, even I know a good thing when I see it.  Afterall the one I chose as my favorite ended up winning the grand prize. 
A few more fun facts before moving onto our final destination of day one:
Alaskans do creme puffs right.
Clean cars at the fair are the exception, not the rule.

Our first full day came to a close, driving the breathtakingly beautiful and scenic Hatcher Pass.   New meaning was given to those sweet lyrics,  for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain!  America the Beautiful…. Somehow I know this is only the beginning….a very small piece of the vastness that awaits us.

Another good nights sleep and we are rested and refreshed…..let’s see what day #2 has in store.   THANKS FOR COMING ALONG.

Crystal  (#Steimling25)

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