A Friday Night Party of Unusual Sorts, On The Road to 1000 Gifts.

734.   Countless cups of hot tea….soothes my oh so sore throat.
735.   Scheduled days off to recover.  (at least timing was on my side) 
736.   Safety in the storm and no power outages.
737.   The 3 other people living in the 4 walls of this house….golly they are amazing!
738.   That (evil) little white pill, prednisone…..ahhhh, I can breath.
739.   Leftover trick-or-treat candy.  
740.   Puffs Plus!  An absolute necessity for this sore nose. 
741.   Strength to get my chores done.  (If I have to be sick, I want a clean house)
742.   Throat lozenges….yellow, red and white (because variety is important)
743.   A night of sleep, uninterrupted by coughing.   On the mend?   
                                   NOT SO QUICK! 
744.   A relapse today leaves me no other option.   A Friday night party of unusual sorts.  
As I reflect on my growing list, I am most thankful for–
745.  The gratitude in my heart that flows freely and abundantly on most days, but also, those every now and again days that require me to dig really deep to find it.   

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