Daring to LIVE FULLY, right where I am!

For me, LIVING FULLY isn’t so much about doing, (deeds and accomplishments) as it is about being (living, being alive)!    As I continue my journey along the road to 1000 gifts, the fullness of life cascades.

#32.  A midweek train ride to New England.
#33.  A view of Manhattan from the cafe’ car on Amtrak.
#34.  Quality time with my 18 year old daughter. 

A spontaneously planned trip on Semester Break that began with “doing”,  very quickly becomes all about “being”.   
#40.  My husband’s 50th Birthday Celebration

As friends gathered from near and far,  no one could deny the fruit of his life is more about “being” and less about “doing”.  Pondering how one finds and keeps that necessary balance leads me to…                  

#41.  Wisdom for the way.
#42.  Practical application. 

You see, many important things in life do require doing, but many more of the important things also require being.   As we practically apply wisdom for the way in doing, the natural outflow is being.     
Living Fully, on my way to 1000 Gifts,

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