A Celebration of Expectation

It’s a New Day….It’s a New Year!

I look with careful eyes through  the cluttered markings and ink splotches all over my 2011 calendar.   365 days gone by and a great sense of nostalgia ensues.   The battles fought, the failures tasted, the victories won, the tears of pain and the tears of great joy ready me with wisdom.  Wisdom that will carry me into the 365 days that lie ahead.  
Although I relish the clean, unmarked pages of 2012, they beckon to be filled.   Filled with a life lived full of thanksgiving and purpose, a life lived full of hope and expectation,   A life lived full of wonder and adoration.    
There is something so inspiring about a new day, a new year, a fresh start.  
Just as each new year brings a fresh start—-those clean calendar pages, may each new day (all 366 of them this year) bring with it a celebration of expectation for a life lived to the fullest.    

  I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full.             JOHN 10:10


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