EARLY IN THE MORNING–My song will rise to Thee!

 For as long as I can remember the stillness of the early morning hours has always brought about a heightened sense of THANKSGIVING.   Growing up on a dairy farm, meant a lot of early mornings.    As I would trudge my way to the barn under the clear moonlit sky,  (even through my sleepy teenage eyes) there was a deep sense of peace that gave way to THANKFULNESS.   The early days of my professional career had me walking the streets from my 3rd floor apartment to the community hospital downtown for a double shift.  The only activity along the way was the flicker of the street lights and the corner bakery.  Yet again, a deep sense of goodness and joy gave way to THANKFULNESS.  Life would later bring with it wedding bells and precious little babies, and yep, you guessed it…..early morning hours.  As the glider moved back and forth, the sweetness and wonder of new seasons in life gave way to THANKFULNESS.   There have been some blunders along the way too.  Seasons that have spelled grief and heartache and pain, but even in those moments of early morning wakefulness, no one could deny that  God’s presence right in the midst, left my heart overflowing with THANKFULNESS.   I rise early today, for there is much to do.  Food and tables to prepare, guests to entertain, friendship to be shared and so many blessings to count—-but before I begin, I pause.  The sun is kissing the earth, a new day is dawning and in the perfect stillness, my heart is overflowing with a song of THANKSGIVING.


One thought on “EARLY IN THE MORNING–My song will rise to Thee!”

  1. Beautiful, Crystal. Taking a break from preparation of food and tables, my heart is moved with memory that we've shared, though through different lenses.I too am grateful for the vivid sense of God's mystery and love that is almost palpable in the early morning. Thank you for your thoughtful early morning musing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Patty


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