It Is Well With My Soul

Ok, so after a day like yesterday I am thinking to myself, “they are gonna be hard pressed to beat that”.  Sheila Walsh and Henry Cloud are certainly a tough act to follow in my book.  But, in pure Women Of Faith Style, they did it again. 

On the eve of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 how appropriate it was to begin our time with an incredibly moving standing ovation for the men and women in uniform serving our country, and all those who bravely gave their lives for our freedom.   Just as we started our morning so we would end it.   A standing ovation, except this time for Heaven, as  Sheila sang How Great Thou Art. (I get goosebumps just typing it)

Mary and Mary Singing GOD BLESS AMERICA with Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant singing It Is Well

Through countless words of exhortation, psalms of praise, stories of brokenness and healing through more of God’s promises and finally, Natalie Grant singing an acappella, spirit-lifting, heart-stopping rendition of IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL,  I was refilled with a keen sense of awareness & wonder (and yes, a few more goosebumps). 

The Sheperd knows where to find us (no matter what our trouble)-Sheila Walsh
God sees us even when we don’t see him. – Lisa Harper
God takes our trash and turns it into treasure. – Nicole Johnson
He takes our pain and gives it purpose. – Nicole Johnson
Live a full life, make it count, because nobody said you couldn’t. – Lucy Swindoll

Right down to the final song sung, the final word spoken, ten thousand women today had every reason to leave a hockey arena right in the heart of Phildadelphia with lifelong blessings pressed down shaken together and running over.   What started out for me as a blogging assignment during a season of tremendous change and some clouded vision, ended up being a Divine Appointment!   And that, Women of Faith, is well with my soul.


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