The summer of 2011 has brought with it a lot of time “on the road”. This past week I’ve covered well over 600 miles. For me, outside the context of vacation, that is A LOT!!! Being accustomed to a 4 minute ride to and from work for the past 4 years, and living a stones throw away from just about everything…..the long daylight hours of summer and knowing it is temporary, makes my 3 day a week commute(106 miles round trip to be exact)from Lancaster to Paoli bearable.

As the weekend neared, and I was anticipating some much needed close to home R & R, my calendar reminded me that this was the weekend to attend a family graduation party. Sure I wanted to be a part of this beautiful season of celebration and achievement, but even more, the quietness of home and the remaining clutter of unpacked boxes from our recent move was beckoning and would have to be put off yet again.

Hair pulled back, windows down and sunglasses donned, I set out. Before long, “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” began to take on a whole new meaning! So much more than another 200 miles logged, God in His faithfulness began to deposit reminders of richness and great delight in the depths of my being. Although I hadn’t traveled these roads in years, they were still familiar to me from days gone by. Sights and memories of time spent with loved ones who were no more, experiences and moments in time that have shaped and defined who I am today, began to flood by heart.

The Susquehanna River stretched out as far as the eye could see—weekend long canoe trips on those waters were a great activity for building character and enjoying God’s creation.
The Daily Item Newspaper post box displayed in front of every house—that was Granddpap’s route more than 30 years ago. We would help him with it during our weekly summer visits and he’d always treat us to an ice cream cone afterwards. Not only was it good for building discipline and work ethic, it also affirmed that we were loved and appreciated.
The Shadow Mountain Road/Inn—A place that used to spook me, when we’d drive by at night. Today the mountain doesn’t appear so vast and the Inn is a small roadside shanty. Oh how perspective changes.

I was making good on time and well ahead of schedule when I decided to pull off and sit by the road a bit. Oh she hadn’t occupied that place for 30 some years, but flashbacks of walking in the pasture, having an Easter Egg Hunt on the front lawn and sitting on the front porch with Grandma quickly flooded my mind. You know when they say it is the little things? It really is the little things that sit deep within, instilling a sure and confident foundation, that enable us to be something great. I am so thankful that my heritage equipped me with deep, satisfying, God-fearing roots that yield a solid, confident, happy and purposeful life.

Numerous other roadside stops along the way brought specific remembrances to mind. The time my children (who were much younger then) and aunt Cindy laughed and giggled til it hurt. Oh to have one more laugh with my sister. But, because I don’t I wipe the tears and find great joy in the bond we shared.

Do I feel better when my house is clean and in order and there are no more boxes sitting around? Yes Indeedy!
But for today, “On the road again” I delight in that which gives me joy and confidence. When I ponder all the special memories of yesterday, I am reminded of my true purpose and that builds even greater hope for the future….A Graduation Celebration Indeed!


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